FAQ About House-call Grooming

What is house-call grooming?
House-call grooming is a different type of mobile pet grooming. We don't have a grooming van or trailer, instead we come to you and groom your pup where they are most comfortable, your home! We bring all our own equipment (Table, dryer, clippers, ext.) You just provide a tub or sink and a quiet place for us to set up. 


How much does it cost to get my dog groomed? 
House-call grooming is a bit different then taking your pup to a shop. We are a luxury service who brings the salon to YOU. We can give you a quote based on the estimated time we will spend on your pups groom. But their behavior and coat condition could affect this quoted price. Our average price for a small dog's haircut (ex. mini schnauzer, shih tzu, yorkie, etc) is $60. 


Can I watch my dog being groomed?
That depends on your dog, but we'd advise not. We are handling your pup with sharp tools like scissors and clippers. Because of this we need your pup to focus on being calm and quiet while we give them their haircut. Sometimes this can be hard for them to do when Mom or Dad is close by. We want to form one-on-one relationship with your pup and this is easiest for them in a quiet, distraction free environment. 


What forms of payment do you take, and do you accept tips?
We accept cash or check for your pups groom. If you are paying with cash, we do not carry change due to safety reasons. And of course you may tip! Tips are always appreciated for a job well done!